Our mission has always been to give you the cleanest of clean. In fact, it's where our story began.

Rewind to 1995. Nationally Syndicated Newspaper Columnist and National Award-Winning Remodeler, Tim Carter, was researching deck cleaners for a future column. The typical deck cleaning methods damaged wood often leaving wood fuzzy and white. Tim wanted to see if he could find a better way to clean — one that left the wood completely unharmed.

His search lead him to a lab in Indiana, where he was told about a "miracle cleaner." It was as tough on stains as chlorine bleach, yet nearly as gentle on stuff as water. He thought it was too good to be true. Tim called the head chemist at the company that distributed these magic crystals, had dinner with him and began testing it on every stain he could find.

Tim used it on decks. The cleaner removed mildew, mold, algae and returned the wood to its natural color. He used it on laundry. His clothes came out shockingly cleaner. He used it on tile grout. The gray stains disappeared in minutes with light scrubbing. He even poured it in his toilet bowl, and watched as the stains vanished from sight with gentle swishing of the toilet brush.

Not believing his results, he asked others to test it on their stains. It saved a friend's sofa from a terrible grape juice stain. It de-odorized a carpet saturated in cat urine. It even saved his local bank teller's brand new car from a giant, accidental beet juice stain.

After six months of rigorous testing — and the wonder and amazement of friends — Tim became a believer. He named the cleaner Stain Solver due to it's remarkable ability to remove even the toughest of stains, and started selling it from his basement. Everyone in his family pitched in, helping to hand-apply labels, fill bottles and carry them up the steps to the waiting UPS trucks. Over time, the word spread about this "magical miracle cleaner," and the business grew.

While we no longer fulfill orders from a basement or hand-apply labels, our values haven't changed. We're still a family company, who believe in giving you the cleanest of clean. A clean that eliminates stains without the use of harsh chemicals, dyes, fragrances, foaming agents or other fillers. And that's exactly what Stain Solver is. It's clean and it's green.

Stain Solver is made of 100% USDA approved organic ingredients, ingredients made in the USA. The pure white powder in each container lifts away stains without harming your stuff or leaving a film, giving you a true clean. A clean as pure as freshly fallen snow. And we promise to keep it that way. Forever.