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Adirondack Pine Siding

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Kathy admitted that they had neglected their siding for too many years. It was time to stain it. Here is how Kathy put it ...

"Our Adirondack pine siding had not been stained in over 15 years. Sadly, we were neglectful. After much research, I decided to use Stain Solver oxygen bleach.

I followed the directions, used a sprayer, and sprayed one section at a time. Waited the prescribed amount of time and scrubbed.

This stuff is very safe! I sprayed a spider with it and it did not affect the spider at all! Who knew!

The years of mold and dirt came right off with some elbow grease. I then rinsed it and now the siding is ready for a new coat of stain."

Thanks, Kathy, for sharing your results and your photographs. Check out the difference in her Before and After pictures below.

BEFORE - Photo Credit: Kathy Moroney

AFTER - Photo Credit: Kathy Moroney

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