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Badly Stained Coffee Pots

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Patrick B. had some badly stained coffee pots. Check out the before photographs he submitted. But he was able to restore the pots for new condition.

Here is what Patrick had to say:

"Tim, I work in an ICU unit that uses our coffee pots 24 hours a day. The pots we use are induction coffee pots and get rinsed out but are very difficult to clean.

I recently made a cup of coffee, and after rinsing the pot said, "This is nasty! I bet Tim's Magic Potion will fix this right quick & in a hurry."

I placed 3-heaping teaspoons of "Stain Solver" in each pot and filled them with hot water, put the lid on and let it sit for 1 hour. I rinsed the pots and the results speak for themselves.

My manager said she was going to send the pots back to the company to try and get them to clean it. I guess they had tried before. No work, no fuss. Stain Solver, hot water, stir & wait.

I will send another post with the second pot. ... Here is the second pot before and after cleaning with Stain Solver, aka 'Uncle Tim's Magic Potion'."

Thanks for sharing your amazing photos of the coffee pots. The pictures do speak for themselves.

Coffee Pot #1 Before. Photo Credit: Patrick Bowman

Coffee Pot #1 After. Photo Credit: Patrick Bowman

Coffee Pot #2 Before. Photo Credit: Patrick Bowman

Coffee Pot #2 After. Photo Credit: Patrick Bowman

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