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Badly Stained Coffee Urn

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"When I first started as Breakfast Manager at the hotel, all of the equipment & tableware were not properly cleaned or taken care of. I tried everything to clean the coffee & tea stains, nothing worked.

After Googling and researching, I came across Stain Solver & it worked!

I put 2.5 scoops in the Urn with hot water & within 20 minutes the water turned brown. After an hour of soaking, I poured the water out to find that the tea & coffee urns were actually silver instead of black.

I recommend Stain Solver to all of my hotel & restaurant industry friends. The stuff is amazing. It even removed the coffee rings from our coffee cups."


"P.S.: I truly love the power of Stain Solver & I can’t rave enough about it! Your product has actually saved my wage cost. The amount of time that goes into scrubbing & hand washing is expensive & y’alls product is cost efficient. I even sent my before & after pictures to the Director of Events, Director of Engineering, & our housekeeping manager."

Thanks, Erin, for the great review and the photos. There is a big difference in the before and after shots.

The coffee urn before.

After a soaking with Stain Solver.

Tea Urn Before

Tea Urn After

Coffee Cup Stain Before

Coffee Cup Stain After

Coffee Urn #2 Before

Coffee Urn #2 After