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Basset Hound Smells

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Kate Lawson, a Stain Solver customer, supplied this helpful hint to remove odors and stains created by her basset hounds. Thanks for passing on your tip, Kate.

"I have three basset hounds who generate a lot of houndy smells and smudges on their numerous dog beds and my couch which I cover with pads and fitted sheets to protect it. All these smelly dirty items require washing and I have been thrilled and amazed to discover that Stain Solver returns them to sweet smelling "like new" condition when I use this process:

I put the washing machine on presoak and fill it with hot water adding 2 scoops of Stain Solver and allowing it dissolve some before I add the sheets and/or dog bed covers. They will agitate and then soak for at least 30-45 minutes and much longer if I forget about them. Then I add my regular clothes detergent and finish with a normal clothes cycle using warm/cold rinse water. The results are always spectacular."