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Bathroom Tile Saved From Kitty Litter

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"Hello, I just wanted to let you know my thoughts on your product. I must admit that I have tried A LOT of grout and tile cleaners, none of which really worked well. I have difficulty getting down on hands and knees to scrub due to back issues.

I set about looking for a little easier way to clean my tile floors. I found your product through internet research and I thought I would give it a try, and thinking "we'll see" :)

Once I received the product, I went to our local Lowe's and found a scrub brush with a long handle so I wouldn't have to get on my hands and knees. I then read the tile and grout instructions and tried it out on my master bath tile floor. I must say, I was a little skeptical.

In this bathroom, I have a cat litter box, and anyone who has this situation will realize that there is a little litter dust involved on most litter. I have mopped and used several different types of cleaners etc but the grout just wasn't getting clean and continued to get darker and darker. But I went ahead and followed the instructions to the T. After the 30 minutes I took my long handles scrub brush and set to work scrubbing. Then mopped up the excess dirty water. I then rinsed the entire floor with the mop and clean water again. I turned the fan on in the bathroom to help it dry a little faster. I shut the bathroom door so the kitties would STAY OUT until totally dry!

I went back to take a look about 3 hours later and I must admit, I was shocked and VERY PLEASED. I haven't seen the grout in that bathroom that clean in awhile. I'm really excited. I will be slowly doing the rest of my tile floors as I can. I'm looking forward to seeing ALL of my grout white again.

Thank you so much !!!"