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Cedar Siding Cleaned

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Stain Solver customers JoAnn and Dan used Stain Solver to clean the siding of their house. As you can tell from their pictures below, the house was in need of a good cleaning. The pictures show before, during and after cleaning.

Here is their email.

"Hi Tim,

Here are more pictures. Been working on it everyday after work.

I took pictures of the house all black. When all is cleaned, I will take pictures again.

My husband said no way...won't work! He is so amazed - and so am I. I have told all my neighbors about your product who stop to ask how we did it. I am promoting your product.

Anyway, I will be ordering more probably in a couple weeks. Need to finish the house first, then we can do our shed.

I would think our pictures really tell how good your product works.

In any case, my husband and I are very happy and amazed with your product."

JoAnn & Dan