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Cleaned My Deck

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Tom ordered some Stain Solver and cleaned his wood deck. Here is his story ...

"I received the extra little bit of Stain Solver a few days ago. Thanks for getting it to me so quick.

I cleaned my deck this weekend with it ... WOW! It is amazing, the wood looks brand new again after several years of neglect from previous owners. It took quite a bit of elbow grease, but worth it.

I sent a couple of pictures for you to see and appreciate.

I did have one question though. Horizontal surfaces were a breeze to clean, but vertical I seemed to have a problem getting the concentration to stay on the wood surface, it seemed to just drip right off. What's the easy solution?"

Tom, thanks for sharing your pictures. The cleaned area looks great. As far as keeping the solution on vertical surfaces, there is no easy way. You just have to keep wetting the vertical areas with the Stain Solver solution.

Here are Tom's pictures.

Photo Credit: Tom D.

Photo Credit: Tom D.

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