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Clothes Washer Cleaning

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The following is an email we received from Kurt and how he used Stain Solver for a slightly different problem.


Problem Solved . . . end of story? I recently purchased a 16-pound container of your product Stain Solver for cleaning my kitchen and bathroom tile although I have yet to use it for that purpose. However, this morning I was at wit's end about another problem I have, a stinky moldy smelling front loading clothes washer that has smelled horrible since I first purchased it a couple of years ago.

Occasionally, I look online for new blogs about the problem and I continue to find literally thousands of people that have the same issue but are also unsuccessful in ridding their washers and clothing of the stink. Like many I read about, I have also used over the counter cleaners, tablets of supposed oxygenated bleach, pure bleach etc. but to no avail. I read where one gentleman was so frustrated that in desperation he tore his front loader apart and found a buildup of mold on the inside of the washer drum.

This got me to thinking that maybe, just maybe Stain Solver would clean my washer. I wasn't aware that it could be used in this manner but after reading the directions I decided to try it. I let the washer drum fill partway on the "drum cleaning" cycle and then turned the machine off so I could open the door without having water spill out. I then added a full cup of Stain Solver and closed the door and waited a few minutes. I watched in total amazement as the washer continued its cleaning cycle and chunks of black and gray matter (lots of mold) was washed out of the drum and floated upon the oxygenated water. After the first cycle I decided to run another cleaning cycle and saw more mold, albeit much less the second time.

Later this morning, I washed a batch of towels that have always smelled musky after normal washes but this time . . . voila, NO STINK! I now plan to use Stain Solver monthly to clean my front loader and I’m so ecstatic that I'm planning to visit as many blog sites as possible to let folks know what I did to solve the problem.

Tim, thanks for the product Stain Solver if it works half as well on my tile, I'll be a happy boy." - Kurt Henderson, Perry, UT