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Coffee Pot

Email this page. Customer Earl M., of Ormond Beach, FL, emailed us this cleaning tip.

"I bought Stain Solver as I read it could clean the stains in tile grout. I had tried everything I knew and nothing worked. I used Stain Solver per instructions and the stains were gone! I was truly impressed. This morning, I used it to clean the built up deposits in my percolator coffee pot. Now the stains were absolutely black, covering the entire insides of the pot. It was almost a question of 'Do I toss it out?' 'Or give Stain Solver a try?' I mixed up some Stain Solver in the percolator and let it sit for an hour. When I drained it out, the build up stains were gone and the inside of the stainless steel coffee looked as if it was brand new. My wife now thinks I am a genius.

Thanks again for a great product."