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Cumberland Gray Pavers Stained

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Here is Daniel's story about cleaning his new walkway. The following is his email.

"I used Stain Solver on my new walkway which has Cumberland Gray pavers and bluestone treads. It was badly stained from acorns and other materials falling on it over the past month since it was built.

The Stain Solver improved things about 70%; there were still stain spots, though they were significantly lighter. Due to a slight pitch on all the landings, I could not let the Stain Solver sit more than about ten minutes, as it would tend to run off and the remainder would evaporate pretty quickly.

After scrubbing and thoroughly rinsing, I spot-treated the remaining stains with full-strength bleach, which was extremely effective."

From CEO of Stain Solver Tim Carter:

"Dan would have had complete success if he had worked in the cooler part of the day, preferably in the morning, and in the shade. Since the surface was sloped, he needed to apply more solution every ten minutes or so.

It's always best to apply Stain Solver solution to dry stones. The longer Dan would have let the solution work, up to an hour or two before scrubbing, the better the results.

NEVER use chlorine bleach outdoors to clean anything. It's so toxic it will KILL all grass, expensive landscaping and trees."

Below are Daniel's pictures of his walkway. Thanks for sharing, Daniel.

BEFORE - Photo Credit: Daniel Kirchheimer

AFTER - Photo Credit: Daniel Kirchheimer

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