Click on the photos below to see more images and additional details for that cleaning job. To share your photos of items you cleaned or saved with Stain Solver and to receive a nice discount on your next order, click here to share your story.


Jonathan Hackett sent in pictures of his algae covered wooden steps. His before and after photographs show how Stain Solver worked." Jonathan Hackett : : West Chester, OH


I saved my white dress shirt(s)! It's easy, just follow the directions." Jim T : : Woodbury, MN


My husband got caught up fixing a broken pipe and stained his 5K shirt with mud." Kelly W. : : Joppa, MD


I used Stain Solver on my new walkway which has Cumberland Gray pavers and bluestone treads. It was badly stained ..." Daniel K : : Monmouth Junction, NJ


This is a before and after picture of a small section of our cedar sided house which became black from an older stain and mildew. " Peter W : : Indian Lake, NY


I've started cleaning our 20-year-old red cedar deck with Stain Solver ..." Barbara W : : Agua Dulce, CA


I cleaned my deck this weekend with [Stain Solver] ... WOW! It is amazing, the wood looks brand new again ..." Tom D. : : Renton, WA


Cleaned the mildew and algae from painted cedar siding of our house." Denise M : : DuBois, PA


My white t-shirt was stained with blackberries." Wendi S : : Spartanburg, SC


Our slate patio had seen better days and become a hazard zone covered with algae and slick as ice when wet." Barb B : : Mount Prospect, IL


Found this pillow made upon the birth of my son when cleaning out the attic. He is now 30. The yellow splotch..." Diana W : : Schenectady, NY


... here is an example of cleaning cement fiber board ...
" Pat P : : Stoughton, WI


Christine has a large kitchen. So she cleaned the floor tile grout a part at a time." Christine B : : Tulsa, OK


John had a teak picnic table in need of some cleaning before it was ready for the season. John describes how he used Stain Solver to clean the table." John C : : Dade City, FL


This is how I cleaned a burned coffee roasting cage." Tim C. : : Meredith, NH


When we bought our house, it came with a great outdoor playset which was perfect for our then 2 year old... " Philip L. : : Port Washington, NY


Pics of my stainless steel cooktop that was impossible to clean until I used Stain Solver!" Doug V. : : Hillsborough, NC


The rear deck and stairs were black and slimy from mold and algae." Carolyn L : : New Orleans, LA


This is a crib sheet that was stained with baby vomit. " Lesley Kimmel : : Omaha, NE


I saved my deck. I did not know how I was going to get all the green and slime off my deck so I ..." Robin P. : : Nashua, N/h


Over the past few years, I've about used up my 5 gallon bucket of Stain Solver, I just love this stuff!" Sam Merrill : : Draper, UT


Here are my before and after photos for a recent Stain Solver success." Susan Okechukwu : : Paramus, NJ


This countertop grout joints were not getting clean prior to repair. I mixed a strong ..." Edward Swar : : Danville, CA


Mildewed cedar siding and wood trim was cleaned with Stain Solver, to prepare it for re-staining and painting." Steve Castle : : Templeton, MA


I purchased some stained vintage linens, then used my favorite product Stain Solver on them." Margo Viers : : Santa Maria, CA


I soaked my kitchen vent screens in water in which Stain Solver had been dissolved." Emily Bartlett : : Bethesda, MD


The dress had barbecue sauce stains. Soaked it for 30-minutes in Stain Solver." Bob Hilker : : Keller, TX


White tank top with set-in sweat stains and/or anti-perspiration stains at underarm, somewhat dingy allover, and round set-in spot stain on front caused by ..." Sara


This was a project my husband took on to clean a Dodger and a Bimini for his boat. The photos don't even show the extent of the grime..." Diane


All I did was soaked the floor with Stain Solver for 15 minutes and wiped it!" Ocean Yeung : : Sammamish, WA


I get this gray mildew on my garage soffit about every other year. I used to use bleach, but ..." Don Cass : : Manassas, VA


Our Canadian white cedar sided ranch needed cleaning before clear coating. Stain Solver worked wonderfully." Thomas Gretchko : : Cleveland, OH


By the way, we've used your product on numerous clothing items and it's super!" Katherine Wright


Our Adirondack Pine Siding had not been stained in over 15 years. Sadly, we were neglectful." Kathy Moroney : : Milford, PA


Great cleaner for windows and siding. I followed directions ...
" Marc T : : Atlanta, GA


After working in the yard, my socks were covered with dirt and stains. I soaked them ..." Arlene K : : Appleton, ME


We cleaned a 10-year old deck attached to a farm house ..." David Gaul : : Bettendorf, IA


I offered to try to clean the logs and restore the original color using Stain Solver, after I had looked at other people's pictures ..." George B : : Nederland, CO


I used Stain Solver on my old and moldy ramp and railings...I was amazed as it worked better ..." Joanne K : : Randolph, MA


Last fall I bought a house that came with a good sized chunk of acreage. ... Anyhow the house has cedar siding that was badly color faded and in many places covered in moss and algae. " Jim White : : North Plains, OR


This shirt was really stained. But a little soaking in this fabulous product really worked!" Pamela B. : : Moore, SC


My kitchen drying rack was crusted with yuck. I poured Stain Solver on it and ..." Robin F. : : Churchville, PA


I had thick algae on my wooden deck." Pat Carroll : : Grand Rapids, MI


My painted-cement patio was covered with algae. Stain Solver was used to clean it." Dara Boush


My large wood deck is covered with years worth of slimy slippery green and black algae. It hasn't been maintained for a long time." Terri Green : : Bellingham, WA


Water stains on knotty pine removed with Stain Solver." Steve Goodman


I used Stain Solver was used on my dirty, moldy cedar siding." Kerry L. : : New Castle, DE


I have never been able to get my car floor mats really clean even with a lot of scrubbing." Ann : : Hendersonville, NC


After many attempts with other cleaners over the years, we decided to deep clean the tile floor surrounding our pool area. " Dorina Hartley : : Tomah, WI


I finally decided to clean the air vent grates over the exhaust fans above my stove (after many years of not doing it). ...
" Robin Muer : : Encino, CA


This is nasty! I bet Tim's Magic Potion will fix this right quick & in a hurry." Patrick Bowman : : Round Rock, TX


I am astonished and delighted with the cleanup jog that Stain Solver accomplished with the mildewed custom-made curtains on our boat." Kae Hutchison : : Seattle, WA


I have two teak benches that looked pretty bad." Lori Baur : : Santa Barbara, CA


The cutting board wasn't white any more. In fact, it was ugly shade of brown." Bryn McP. : : Gothenburg, NB


An old and dearly loved cotton quilt ... had turned the corners yellowish brown and nothing would clean it." Sally Miklos


I saved my wooden deck with Stain Solver." Megan Simpson : : State College, PA


Our deck was covered with algae, mildew and lichen.  Stain Solver removed all of these things and ...
" Jennifer Crutcher : : Puyallup, WA


Red wine was spilled on Mom's white pants." Emily Bartlett : : Bethesda, MD


Removal of bad black mold stain from a cabana." Paul Atkinson : : Toronto, Ontario


Entry deck had wood which was beginning to look it's age." Charles Volk : : Winston-Salem, NC


I cleaned my deck where leaves accumulate and stain the deck boards every year" Alan Schuster : : Grosse Pointe Woods, MI


I wanted to restain my wood deck but it had algae growing on it. I had put it off for 2 years because ..." Clare Adams : : Ohio


Gotta love Stain Solver for removing burned ..." Carol Yeazell : : Cincinnati, OH


Cleaned cedar siding." Rodney Birch : : Kingston, Ontario


A clean front porch floor." Gregory Poland : : Cameron, MO


Used Stain Solver on my deck.  Looks like new now." Todd Vincentsen : : Bristol, ME


This is my deck.  I have cleaned the railings using Stain Solver..." Jeremy Smith : : Hebron, KY


Our spa cover was extremely dirty ... " Lori Martin : : Loveland, OH


Tried other products previously. Didn't do the job. Stain Solver with a pump sprayer and ..." Winnifred Sousa : : Wakefield, RI


Green and dirty deck after winter ...." Wendy Box : : Greensboro, NC


There was a grease stain on my husband's favorite green Lacoste polo shirt that just wouldn't come out ..." Laurin Wilkinson : : Shreveport, LA


I have just finished a video of cleaning a heating oil stain off our deck with Stain Solver. I am amazed ..." David Cox


When I first started as Breakfast Manager at the hotel, all of the equipment & tableware were not properly cleaned or taken care of." Erin : : Dallas, TX


When we bought our house, the grout in the kitchen was dingy and disgusting ..." Jenna Porter : : Kenmore, WA


We attempted to use the stain solver for our deck. Then monsoon season started and we didn't finish. " Laura : : Christiansburg, VA


I bought a pine picnic table on the cheap, but it was covered in black splotches ..." Angela Swanson : : Peris, CA


My son dearly loves his white ball cap because of the elastic in the band.  He works in a manufacturing shop and wears it all day. Over time, it turned disgustingly black with grease and oil. " Georgia Gilley : : Burlington, CO


My wife was reheating the Ragu tomato sauce to layer on top of the meatloaf. She got distracted and the bottom of the saucepan got burned." Paul Barjon : : Red Oak, TX


Attached you'll find some before and after pictures. Pictures are worth a 1000 words, but I want to make sure a few words aren't left out. " Jim Trebisovsky : : Woodbury, MN


Old pet and traffic stains on the hall carpet." Gisele Kinglsey : : Fulton, NY


I had a badly stained Corning Ware pan that I had not been able to get clean. I soaked overnight with Stain Solver and it looks like new." Ron Norcross : : Mount Ulla, NC


Commercial orchid greenhouse, 1,000 gallon propane tanks and white painted house..." Terry Glancy : : Homestead, FL


We are unable to do the deck restaining this year, but I was cleaning bathroom sinks and wondered how well my ..." Carolyn Reddish : : Montrose, CO


After two years of daily use, my Coffee Cup was so dark inside from coffee stains, it made me cringe ..." Jay Levitt : : Norwalk, CT


Enamel sink was dingy and brownish around the drain.  I filled the sink with hot water, added Stain Solver, and rinsed to get a bright clean finish." Margaret Wooten : : Lincolnton, NC


I had bad mildew stains on patio umbrella, put it in the washing machine with Stain Solver and it looks the best it has in years." Ron Norcross : : Mount Ulla, NC


A customer had a steep roof with black algae growing on the North faces of the roof. Pressure washing didn't get it, but using the Stain Solver "melted" away the algae." Brad Caldwell : : Auburn, AL


An exterior deck chair cushion had gotten moldy, and Stain Solver fixed it." Brad Caldwell : : Auburn, AL


I saved my wife's white sleeveless top stained with grape juice." Mel Bole : : Cogan Station, PA


I am writing to tell you something you probably already know, that you have an amazing and excellent product in Stain Solver!" Laura Cabelus : : Utica, NY


This is my insulated coffee cup. I have used for several years. I can taste coffee even when drinking water from it, at least until yesterday." Robert Blackburn, Jr. : : Lake Saint Louis, MO


I took out hand knitted sweaters and caps from 34 years ago to use for grandson and a couple had stains ..." Mar K. : : Harrington Park, NJ


Our permanent dock has been in the lake since the house was built in the 1950's . Since we had to rebuild the shoreline, we couldn't leave the dock looking this bad.  It had never been power washed or cleaned." Judy Granik : : Minocqua, WI


Thought for sure this was a goner but is back in action!" Kathy Derry : : Ridgevile, SC


This western red cedar is about eight years old and looking pretty weathered with an abundance of mold and mildew." Clay Deal : : West Columbia, SC


Here are some pictures of the house before and after cleaning. My husband said no way - won't work! He is so amazed..." JoAnn & Dan


Tea infusers stain over time, and look unappetizing to make drinks with. Getting out the tea residue that collects in all the tiny holes ..." Robert G.


However, I read how Stain Solver will get out stains in carpeting and decided to give it a try.  WOW, ..." Lonnie Frey : : Toldeo, OH


Hi Tim, just want to share my Stain Solver success story! I originally purchased Stain Solver to clean the algae off of my roof, but I didn't get to it before I ran out!" Steph Clarke : : Windham, ME


This cedar deck has never been cleaned in 10 years. It looked so bad, I was thinking of resurfacing it. Then I saw an ad for Stain Solver." James Shema : : Hebron, IN


Stain Solver only needed 2 teaspoons to do the job." James Puliti : : Trenton, NJ


My husband's favorite shorts were ruined from sitting in pine tar." Elssa Green : : Guilford, CT


I removed green algae from my garage roof shingles. About 20 minutes of soaking..." Bogdan Sleczka : : Ringoes, NJ


... I have never been able to get off my glass baking dish, I decided to soak it in Stain Solver ..." Arlene Kellman


My cat made a mess of one of our chairs." Bill Kingman : : Destrehan, LA


Thanks, for inventing this product." James Li : : Crestwood, KY


We saved a customer's carpet." Justin Carlin


My mother's vintage linen napkins had food stains on them that I could not remove with "Shout" or repeated washing with laundry detergent." Rita Dadzi


I saved one of my favorite t-shirts." Anne Marie Camden


In the process of cleaning the "green stuff" of the deck steps going down to the dock in Tennessee." Keith Rivard : : Loudon, TN


After only 1 year, my new cedar deck was discolored and covered with mold.  I tried many different products to clean and remove the mold, but they either didn't do anything or damaged the wood fibers (or were toxic!). Then I found Stain Solver." Richard Braatz : : Marinette, WI


I've save just about everything I use it with - house siding to work clothes. Can't forget the bath towels ..." Pam Kluck : : Topeka, KS


Here are before and after photos of my deck." Rey Carr : : Victoria, BC


Moved into a new house and thought the tile grout was dirty, but didn't realize how dirty till I used Stain Solver. It is ..." Mary Brown : : Spring Lake, MI


My before and after photos show cream-coloured grout in the front entry of my home. Stain Solver works as advertised and is amazing. ..."" Jennifer Busch : : Ontario, Canada


"My "light grey" grout was at least 15-years-old and never sealed.  I cleaned it with everything, ..." Meaghan : : Brick, NJ


I love Stain Solver. I used it this past summer on my back wooden fence and it had remarkable results. Take a look at the photo..." Rob Windsor : : Waldorf, MD


Stain Solver cleaned my outdoor bird bath." Leigh R. : : North Port, FL


I found an old cotton filter bag (at least 35 years old) sitting in a manufacturing facility. I used the material to make a rudder cover for my Sunfish sailboat. The material was stained from years of sitting unprotected in the factory." Roger H. : : Cincinnati, OH


I ordered Stain Solver to clean our wrap around wood porch.  The steps on the side of the house were covered in mildew and I NEVER thought they would look this great again! The whole porch looks so nice now.... Love Stain Solver." Amy J. : : Livingston, TX


I bought Stain Solver to clean the grout in our bathrooms, but now I use it for everything, brightening up faded curtain sheers, getting stains out of laundry, etc.  It's a tool I'm never without!" Debbie T. : : Columbia, MO


I used [Stain Solver] to clean seals on a garage refrigerator. Worked great!" Joy D. : : Mooresville, NC


My bathroom tile floor was saved using Stain Solver." Amanda S.


Last fall we bought new pressure treated pine wood to rebuild our deck.  When we started in August we noticed that there was mold on the wood." Linda Z. : : Muskego, WI


Nothing else would take out this greasy honey mustard stain on a new t-shirt.  I remembered to try Stain Solver, and it was gone a few hours later. Great stuff, it has become a laundry staple in our house and I look forward to trying it for other cleaning needs." Kim R. : : Durham. NC


I had my first baby last December and was so frustrated with laundry. I was washing and re-washing all of the baby clothes and they were still stained! This was after saturating the stains with sprays, oxyclean, anything I could get my hands on!!!

My mother-in-law has used your product for cleaning mildew off decks and mentioned it would probably work for my clothes, too. I immediately ordered it and soaked a pile of soiled clothes the moment it arrived. ... " Dayna Carroll


I bought it for my grout, and it worked! Never in a million years did I ever think I would see my tub restored to this condition without replacing it!!! THANK YOU STAIN SOLVER - A MUST HAVE FOR EVERY HOUSEHOLD!!!!!" Julie L. : : Panama City, FL


Had severe mold and mildew on treated pine shake siding at mountain home in North Carolina. Was concerned I would lose natural color that was installed 4 years ago. Stain Solver effectively removed the problem.  There is a lot of scrubbing involved since affected area was so large. But it is well worth it to solve the problem!" Fred T. : : Pisgah Forest, NC


Here is the before photo of a test area around our outdoor pool in Florida.  Due to the pollen, mildew and dirt, it was nasty.  Click on the photo to see what it looks like after. Now it is clean. Whooray! I used the Stain Solver.  " Patricia W : : Hernando, FL


In previous years, we used a pressure washer to clean our deck, but could see the damage it was doing to the wood.

When I searched "best deck cleaners", I came across this site, and could not believe my eyes." Sharon Szpara : : Hagerstown, MD


Here are my pictures. Quite a difference on the sails. Remember these sails were stained when I got the boat 10 years ago and prior attempts to clean the sails didn't work." Jim Schriver : : Illinois City, IL


I live in the Pacific Northwest and purchased my house about a year ago. The previous owners had let the trees hang over everything, and the fences were covered in algae, dirt, and tree mess.  After reading about Stain Solver many times, I finally made the purchase and gave it a try. WOW, the fences which were green before now look brand new! ..." Scott Klein : : Lynnwood, WA


My Spanish pavers in the kitchen were ruined by a foam kitchen mat that left their surface coating permanently sticky. Dirt adhered to the paver surface from then on and none of the cleaners I tried had made a difference." Cherly McTavish : : Carpinteria, CA


I cleaned the uncovered part of the wooden deck of the house we purchased recently. The deck had not been cleaned or re-stained since it was built in 2005. As can be seen in the before photos, the deck was quite dirty and had algae and mildew stains. It was not easy, but with two applications of Stain Solver and a scrub brush, it made quite a difference." Dennis M. : : Clearwater, FL


I love my neoprene lunch bag but it developed some mildew (left it in car on a warm day) and food stains on the inside after daily use this past year. I thought I was going to have to throw it out because it was getting pretty gross. But after soaking in a solution of Stain Solver for about 5 hours it looks like new again. I am thrilled!" Mickey L. : : North Granby, CT


We had landscaping stones embedded in the ground all around our shed. I dug them up to be used around a new fountain we were installing. Several high powered washes with the hose didn't touch the deep dirt. They looked pretty bad." Wendy T. : : Falls Church, VA


I used Stain Solver on my deck. Notice that the brick, as well as the wood, was easily cleaned." Kim M. : : Midlothian, VA


Hello, I just wanted to let you know my thoughts on your product. I must admit that I have tried A LOT of grout and tile cleaners, none of which really worked well. I have difficulty getting down on hands and knees to scrub due to back issues.

I set about looking for a little easier way to clean my tile floors. I found your product through internet research and I thought I would give it a try, and thinking "we'll see" :)" Debbie S. : : Conroe, TX


Hi Tim: I absolutely LOVE your Stain Solver. I've used it on several things, but this is the first time I've remembered to take pictures. These are my tea cozies turned inside out with the tea stains ... and then after Stain Solver. I soaked them for an hour in a bucket and then tossed them in the washer. AMAZING! Thanks so much!" Carmen D. : : Manassas, VA


I used Stain Solver on our eight-year old, pressure treated deck, that had never been cleaned / stained.  You can see the section that is complete in both pictures (notice the difference in the railing!)." Nate Cooper


My neighbor gave me some Stain Solver to try on my deck. Now I am ordering some of my own." Mary Jane McC. : : Shepherdsville, KY


I'm a long time Stain Solver customer. The before picture shows long-standing stains on an heirloom tablecloth. After Stain Solver, the stains are completely gone." Anita B : : Park Ridge, IL


I purchased this Globe Stand for my garden at a yard sale. It was dirty and needed a cleaning. I sprayed it with Stain Solver, brushed it, rinsed and it's as good as new." Julie P.


I used Stain Solver on this weathered gray, teak table was sealed with a sealer that failed. The stains on table are grease.  Stain Solver oxygen bleach was used to remove the grease, the grayed wood and the failed sealer." Tim Carter : : Meredith, NH


The grave marker for my Dad was obviously granite not marble as I had thought. Being there since 1985 I thought surely it would have been marble. Couldn't tell because of the condition." Sterling C. : : Montague Center, MA


The cedar siding on the house we recently purchased has been sorely neglected over the last 15+ years. Stain Solver and a stiff bristled brush + dwell time, and some elbow grease made a dramatic difference. Stain Solver clearly delivered on its claims. I'm very pleased with the results and glad I found your product." Curtis D.


I've gotta tell you, I was really scared. That old Acura is my "baby" and was my 50th birthday gift from my late husband. (No tallying my age now!) I followed the instructions you gave me -- worked like a charm! I used the remainder of Stain Solver on a green mold area on my deck and it slicked that up clean as a whistle, as well." Kathy C. : : Pensacola, FL


We ordered some Stain Solver last week to use on roof algae. I have been looking at it over 2 years wondering how to get rid of it and came across your product when searching the Internet. Today I got up there and worked over 3 large areas using your product, a small sprayer and a deck brush with long handle following the directions provided About 1-1/2 hours later my roof looked great. Your product was awesome and did just what I was hoping for.  100% satisfaction.  Thanks so much!" The Turners


I make fruitcakes, and use flour sacks soaked in wine plus more alcohol to wrap them. They soak for 3 weeks, then you have to air dry the fruitcakes before you wrap them. Well I am sending you the pictures of what the rags looked like BEFORE I soaked them for about an hour and AFTER the wash was complete. I LOVE Stain Solver, because I do not feel I'm leaving behind chlorine in my towels, that could affect the next batch of cakes!! PLUS as you know it is better for our septic system than bleach!" Cindi D. : : Missouri


Last week I hand washed a jacket made for my daughter when she shows her horse.  It's very fancy with lots of crystals and red sparkly leather appliques so I carefully followed the seamstress's instructions on how to wash it.  I was horrified to see the red appliques were bleeding like crazy onto the white fabric!  It was ruined and had cost more than $500!!  I started searching the internet for solutions. I did see some recommendations to try using Oxy-Clean.  That's when I remembered I had something WAY better!  I found my last jar of Stain Solver. It had a few small clumps on top but it still seemed to work GREAT!  I used VERY hot water, added the Stain Solver, and scrubbed with a toothbrush.  It was amazing. Thank you!!!!!  I'll be placing another order soon." Michell F.


Our deck is very large, with 3 sets of steps and an upper and lower level. So it's always a family project when we clean and seal it. I like Stain Solver because it's safe for us to use, safe for my dogs, and safe for my plants." Mary S. : : Dubuque, Iowa


I tried it out on my grout in the bathroom and it worked great. I have used other products that have not removed the grime and mildew from the grout line even after scrubbing it with a brush. I just used a kitchen sponge with a mild abrasive surface and now I have clean grout lines. It also worked great in the tub and removed the soap scum with ease. What a great product!!" Eileen B. : : New York


I had just re-covered this damaged cushion on my office chair. Too bad it wasn't in the grape jelly colored. My younger child somehow managed to sneak away from the table with part of his peanut butter and jelly sandwich, eat the peanut butter side, and place the remaining part directly on the chair, face down, of course!  I didn't see it until later, so it had dried. I quickly grabbed Stain Solver, mixed some up and put it in a spray bottle. Then I doused the area, allowed it to sit for a few minutes, and dabbed it with a clean paper towel. It looks completely unharmed. I would say that I was surprised, but since Stain Solver saved one of my white dresses that went through Hurricane Katrina nothing that it does surprises me anymore.  My kids are lucky that we have Stain Solver! They'd be in a lot more trouble if we didn't!" Cindy B. : : Texas


Thanks for the Stain Solver. I cleaned my 7 year old western red cedar and it looks great. Lots of mildew, but now it is clean. Thanks." Steve T. : : Berkeley, CA


Well, holy cow. We received the Stain Solver and used it on our back porch. I had used chlorine bleach on it; used a pressure washer; and fussed a whole bunch; all to no avail. Were we surprised when we applied the Stain Solver and the magic began. I have enclosed pictures for you to see what a great job it did. It's tough sometimes to keep things clean here at the Ocean but this Stain Solver is a prayer answered. The other picture is the reason I tried your product since it was friendly to living things. Thank you so much!!" Garnet and Laura D. : : Living near the ocean


I saved a Brooks Brothers $85 dress shirt that I had only worn 6 times.  A taco stain easily came off the sleeve in under 1 hour of soak time.  Thanks!" Brain G. : : New Jersey


I washed my children's clothes in the washing machine. Somehow, a pink crayon got in and stained all the clothes. I didn't notice until after I got them out of the dryer. I decided to soak them in the bathtub to get the stains out. The picture you see is the water after removing the clothes from the bathtub. This is all of the dirt out of the freshly "clean" clothes. It is so gross to see how much dirt my regular detergent left behind." Amy G.


I was cleaning a deck that was really looking old.  As seen in the pictures, it looked terrific after!" Tom R.


I love Stain Solver not only for cleaning my roof and deck, but also for using in the laundry.  Much better than oxyclean and makes quick work of grass stains, as you can see. Thanks for a great product." Brett S.


We used your Stain Solver on the deck of our summer home in New Jersey with amazing results. The photo clearly shows the striking difference between the mildew-covered decking and the clean wood to the right. We loved your advice about using a garden hose instead of a pressure washer." Gail M. : : PA


I cannot believe how wonderful my tile floors look after using Stain Solver. I actually have only cleaned one part because I wanted to see the before and after. It is amazing. I was VERY skeptical that your product could be as good as advertised. I am so impressed. Thanks for an outstanding product." Sue W. : : Wesley Chapel, FL