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Cutting Board Stained

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Sam shared her pictures of a cutting board gone bad. In her words ...

"Over the past few years, I've about used up my 5 gallon bucket of Stain Solver. I just love this stuff! I used it on my decks, clothing, tiles ... lots of things.

Well, I always forgot to take photos, and now I've moved from the south to the west, where it's so dry there is no mold and mildew. So I saw that someone used it on their cutting board, and I took one look at mine, and thought AHAH!

I was about to throw it out because it looked so bad. Not anymore! Even after the dishwasher, it never got white. But a half hour soak in my kitchen sink in Stain Solver, it's good as new.

Time to get another 5 gallon bucket!"

Thanks, Sam! Great photos!!!



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