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Dirty Pool Surround Tile

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Dorina had some dirty tile flooring surrounding their pool. Here is how she tells the story.

"After many attempts with other cleaners over the years, we decided to deep clean the tile floor surrounding our pool area. Our fabulous leader of the group had seen an article about Stain Solver that got her thinking hmmmm.

An order was placed and a group of housekeepers got down on hands and knees and put the product to the test.

The transformation from dirty to clean was amazing to see happen before our eyes. We also used it on the sauna floor, the bathroom floors, the hot tub tile, and some very stained laundry as a soak while our pool was closed for maintenance.

Since reopening our pool after a month of being closed, we received many compliments from regular customers and guests who have said "the wait was worth it, the pool area is amazing!"

We have been telling anyone what a wonderful product Stain Solver is and will be purchasing again." - Dorina

Thanks for sharing your pictures, Dorina. Appears Stain Solver did the cleaning for you.

Photo Credit: Dorina Hartley

Photo Credit: Dorina Hartley

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