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Egg Stain On Vinyl Siding

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Stain Solver can remove egg stains from your vinyl siding.

Get 4-pounds of Stain Solver.

Mix it as directed for cleaning a deck. 1 cup of Stain Solver powder to one gallon of HOT Water. Stir until dissolved.

Take as many paper towels as needed to cover the egg stains. Dip the paper towels in the bucket.

Apply them as you would wallpaper to the siding. They'll readily stick. Completely cover the stain area.

Do this in the shade. Every 5 minutes, dribble some of the solution on the paper towels keeping them very wet with the solution.

After an hour, lift one of the paper towels and see if you can rub off the stain with an old bath towel. Do NOT use a scrub brush on the siding!!!