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Greasy, Gunky Exhaust Fan Grates

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Robin had exhaust fan grates over her stove that hadn't been cleaned in a while. They needed help. Here is how Robin told her story.

"I finally decided to clean the air vent grates over the exhaust fans above my stove (after many years of not doing it). They were greasy, gunky and just disgusting. I even had a dead bee stuck in it (sure don’t know how that got in there!).

When I took them down I wasn’t sure how I was going to clean them. I didn’t even want to touch them. Suddenly it dawned on me - STAIN SOLVER.

I let them soak for about an hour in the sink, and you will see in the pictures that they now look like new. AMAZING!

I will be ordering the 4.5 lb. size jar on your website.

Thank you."


Thank you, Robin, for sharing your pictures. As you can see from her pictures, the greasy, gunky and just plain disgusting grates have been restored.

BEFORE. Photo Credit: Robin Muer

AFTER. Photo Credit: Robin Muer

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