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House Siding Restored

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"Tried other products previously. They didn't do the job. Stain Solver with a pump sprayer and hose I got amazing results.

Thought I would have to paint or reside the house. Now, my house is the talk of the neighborhood.

Great product!"



Winnifred got these amazing results by doing the following.

She purchased 9.2 pounds of Stain Solver.

She mixed one cup of Stain Solver per gallon of HOT tap water.

Winnifred's husband or helper STIRRED the powder in the hot water until it dissolved then added it to the yellow garden pump sprayer you see in the Before photo.

The solution was sprayed liberally on the DRY wood siding working in the SHADE and on an overcast cool day if possible.

The solution was left to soak in for at least 15 minutes. Add more solution if it looks like it's drying.

At the end of the wait period, the helper or Winnifred hosed down the siding to get those results.

Amazing indeed and SIMPLE!

You can do the SAME METHOD on any house siding: vinyl, wood, aluminum, fiber cement, etc.

WARNING: Do NOT use Stain Solver on REDWOOD.

Any oxygen bleach can darken redwood.

Before Cleaning - Photo Credit: Winnifred Sousa

After Cleaning - Photo Credit: Winnifred Sousa