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How Do I Get Stain Solver to Dissolve in Water?

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"I have been using your product mainly for removing stubborn stains in clothing & it has worked great ... BUT no matter how long I stir or shake a gallon of it, I still feel gritty stuff in the mixture.  I use warm water.  All your instructions say to dissolve completely.  How??

Nicky S.



All dry chemicals have a maximum solubility in water.

That's a fancy word that means you can only get so much of a product to dissolve in a given quantity of water.

You can prove this with sugar. If you dump a cup of sugar in say 12 ounces of water, you'll never get it to all dissolve.

The same is true for Stain Solver. Realize that heat always helps things dissolve.

You can prove this with Stain Solver.

Take two glasses of clear water in your kitchen. Regular 12-ounce glasses.

Put cold tap water in one. Put in HOT tap water or very hot water in the other.

Dump in a teaspoon of Stain Solver into each one and stir. Time it until it dissolves.

I'll bet the SS powder dissolves in the hot water glass in less than a minute, especially if the water is near boiling.

The MAXIMUM amount of Stain Solver we ever say to mix is one cup per gallon. Even in cool water, I can get that to dissolve in about ten minutes.

Did this help?  This is why we all should have paid more attention in our high school chemistry class. I know I GOOFED AROUND far too much when this was taught!

Call me if I can be of any other help and THANKS for being a GREAT CUSTOMER!!!

Tim Carter

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