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How To Clean Coffee Carafes

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Susan had some coffee carafes at work that were in need of some tender-loving-cleaning. Below is Susan's email to Stain Solver.

"Dear Stain Solver Family,

Here are my before and after photos for a recent Stain Solver success. I had difficulty uploading the photos in the Share and Save portion of the website, so I'm sending them through this email. I hope it will qualify me for 20% off my next order since I am completely out. I also referred a friend to your product, which she ordered, and I hope that will also qualify me for additional savings. Her name is Marg I., and I recommended your product for cleaning moss from vinyl fencing.

Now to the carafes:

I was tired of seeing these dirty coffee carafes in our staff room at work. I don't drink coffee, but I wanted to give my coworkers a tastier cup of coffee.

Photo 1 (Before)


Dirty and scaly coffee carafes


Filled carafes with warm water and 1-2 tablespoons Stain Solver powder. After a few swirls, the scum immediately begins to pull away from the glass. I let them sit for 1 hour while I returned to work. Later, I wiped interiors with paper towels and rinsed them with hot water.

Photo 2 (After)


Two sparkly glass coffee carafes, ready to go!

Thanks, Stain Solver, for working magic again!

One of your believers,"

Susan Okechukwu

Thank you, Susan, and I bet your coworkers are thankful for spotless coffee pots.

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