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How to Clean Bluestone Landings

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"Is this product good for cleaning bluestone landings on my front steps? If so, please advise the correct mixture to use?


Glenn Puhak - Warren, NJ


Stain Solver is an excellent product for cleaning any natural stone.

I would mix one cup - 8 ounces - per gallon of HOT tap water.

Stir till all the Stain Solver is dissolved.

Flood the bluestone. Keep the stone saturated with solution for up to an hour - scrubbing periodically.

The LONGER you let the solution soak and then scrub, the BETTER the results.

Don't allow it to evaporate. Rinse off well with a garden hose after scrubbing.

Don't spot clean, as the entire bluestone surface has some dirt on it.

Please take great Before and After photos. Take the After photos after the stone has dried.

Tim Carter

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