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How to Clean Coffee Roaster

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My daughter Kelly, who works as a manager at a local high-end coffee shop, brought  home a charred coffee roasting circular bin. It was horrible.

The person using the roaster did something wrong and the coffee beans caught on fire. No one was hurt, but the roaster suffered as you can see below.

I asked her, "Do you want me to clean that for you?"

"Dad, you can if you want, but we'll probably just toss it. There's no way to clean it without spending too much time."

"Well, I'll bet Stain Solver can do it with ease."

The following are a series of photos I took. After looking at the photos, read the simple steps I did to get the unbelievable results.







My wife Kathy and I own Stain Solver. It's a magical Certified organic oxygen bleach. It's a pure powder you mix with water.

It cleans anything that's water washable. The only things I'd not use it on are natural un-dyed wool or silk and redwood.

Here's all I did to get the results you see in the photos:
That's all you have to do 95% of the time. In this case, the first soaking removed a vast majority of the burnt coffee bean residue. I decided to soak it a second time overnight to make the cage look like new.

You see the final result in the last photo.

Isn't that unbelievable? I'm here to tell you I BARELY scrubbed it at all. Just soaking removed most of the coffee oils and char.

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