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How to Clean Oak Tree Stains on Stucco Walls

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"The side of house is stained in large drips from the oak tree droppings. I read that Stain Solver may harm painted surfaces. Have you had any success with oak stains on painted stucco?"

Linda Pollack - Coral Gables, FL

Stain Solver can absolutely clean the natural oak tree droppings from the stucco.

But Stain Solver is such a great cleaner, it will also remove any sun-damaged paint resins and pigments on your home.

We don't know the condition of your paint, so you need to do a test in a small area.

Mix up just a quart of solution and apply to a small area with an old paint brush.

Use the directions here to mix small amounts of Stain Solver solution.

Keep the area wet with the solution for a few minutes and rub LIGHTLY with a sponge dipped in the solution. Rinse with clear water.

Allow to dry and check to see what the paint looks like. Be aware the paint around where you cleaned MIGHT need to be cleaned with regular liquid dish soap and water for comparison sake.

The entire wall might have airborne dust and dirt on it and if you just spot clean with Stain Solver, you may THINK you did damage, but it fact the wall just is clean there.

Tim Carter

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