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How to Clean Terrazzo Floors

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"Will Stain Solver clean terrazzo floors? Have old floors that are stained badly, streaked with old wax and other sealers. Since the floors are in a rental, I don't want to do any damage - or any more than they already have. Thanks"

MarySue - Estero, FL

Stain Solver will make terrazzo floors look like new!

It's a great product to remove and soften old wax and sealers.

Mix one cup of Stain Solver per gallon of HOT tap water. Stir until dissolved.

Mop on the solution generously as if the floor is flooded with the solution.

Allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes.

It's best if you have a commercial buffing/scrubbing machine outfitted with a scrub brush disc.

The longer you let the Stain Solver solution soak - up to two hours - the LESS you have to scrub.

Rinse well with clear rinse water. Change the rinse water frequently. For best results, mop the floor TWICE with rinse water.

Tim Carter

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