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How to Clean a Vinyl Tile Floor and Prevent Streaks

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"We purchased your product to hopefully combat the salt that has been tracked in by our customers on our vinyl tile floor. We mixed the solution per the directions and then tried diluting it more because it ended up leaving white streaks all over the floor. Any suggestions?"

Laura - Grand Rapids, MI


When you get streaks after using Stain Solver, it's always a sign that you've started to remove the troublesome thin waxes and polishes in the floor care products sold today.

I'll bet you use a Swiffer mop or similar cleaning product on your floors, don't you?

These products deposit a film on the floor after they dry. If you keep using the Swiffer, it leaves layer after layer after layer.

I actually think the coating and film attracts dirt so you have to clean more often, but I can't prove this.

Stain Solver will strip off these sealers and cheap polishes leaving your floor looking like new.

But you MUST REMOVE all of the layers.

Just mix up one cup of Stain Solver powder per gallon of HOT tap water. Stir until completely dissolved.

Mop this solution on the floor liberally and allow to sit for 30 minutes. Rub again with the mop. This rubbing removes the sealers.

Rinse the floor well with clear water. It may require TWO rinses to get rid of any and all dissolved sealers.

If you don't rinse well, you can have streaking. CHANGE the rinse water frequently.

Tim Carter

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