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How to Clean a Yellowed Fiberglass Tub / Shower

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"It appears that the Stain Solver should work on faded or yellowing fiberglass tub & shower wall kits. Can you confirm that would be the case? I didn't see anything in the Before & After photo's."

Dave Gambacorta - Philadelphia, PA


It depends on what's causing the fiberglass to turn yellow.

Nicotine stains - YES!

Hair color dyes - YES!

Soap dyes - YES!

Chemical changes in the fiberglass from loss of plasticizers and other chemicals - PROBABLY NOT!

If the yellowing is from a change in the fiberglass - and this is COMMON in cheap white plastics (your unit may be made from a cheaper plastic), the yellow can be a permanent color change deep in the product itself.

Bottom Line: Stain Solver can be used on HUNDREDS of stains at your home in case it doesn't work on the tub.

Order some Stain Solver and I'm sure you'll be happy with what it can clean.

Tim Carter

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