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How to Remove Oil Stains from Concrete, Paver Brick and Asphalt with Stain Solver

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You can get fantastic results removing oil stains from paving brick, concrete or asphalt by doing the following:

Go out immediately and use liquid Dawn dish soap, water and a scrub brush to get as much off the surface as possible. Scrub and rinse. Make sure you have lots of bubbles.

Then allow the stain to dry.

This next step should be done in the shade, not direct sun.

Mix up one cup of Stain Solver to one gallon of HOT tap water. Stir until dissolved. Stir in 2 ounces - 1/4 cup - of Dawn dish soap into the solution.

Apply this solution liberally to the oil stain. Allow it to sit on the stain.

Add more solution after 15 minutes, never allowing it to evaporate.

Scrub the stain area lightly after dipping the scrub brush in the Stain Solver and soap solution.

Add more fresh solution to the stain area. Let sit for an hour.

Periodically check to ensure stain area is ALWAYS wet with solution.

Scrub at the end of an hour. Repeat this process for about four hours.

The LONGER you allow the stained area to have the solution over it and you periodically scrub, the better your results will be.

Rinse at the conclusion of your cleaning process and allow to dry.

If there is a small stained area remaining, repeat the entire process the next day.

The stain will disappear over a period of a few weeks.