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Log Cabin Cleaned With Stain Solver

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George provided a couple of photographs of a log cabin he cleaned with Stain Solver. Below is how George described the job.

"A client of mine lives in a house that grew in size from a small log cabin. The wall of the cabin that faces west had turned grey from water splashing on the logs and the western sun.

I offered to try to clean the logs and restore the original color using Stain Solver, after I had looked at other people's pictures of outdoor wood cleaning, and trying it out on some sweat-stained caps.

I mixed the Stain Solver as suggested in warm water in a garden-type sprayer, and sprayed it on the logs, a small section at a time. I kept the wood wet for about 15 minutes before scrubbing the wood with a stiff brush. I then rinsed the gunk off with clean water and moved on to the next section. The logs were so much less grey after the cleaning, even when the logs had dried out, and ready for a new coat of oil."

Thanks. George, for sharing your photos.

Photo Credit: George Blakey

Photo Credit: George Blakey

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