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My Kids Are Lucky We Have Stain Solver

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"I had just re-covered this damaged cushion on my office chair. Too bad it wasn't in the grape jelly colored. My younger child somehow managed to sneak away from the table with part of his peanut butter and jelly sandwich, eat the peanut butter side, and place the remaining part directly on the chair, face down, of course!  I didn't see it until later, so it had dried.

I quickly grabbed Stain Solver, mixed some up and put it in a spray bottle. Then I doused the area, allowed it to sit for a few minutes, and dabbed it with a clean paper towel. It looks completely unharmed. I would say that I was surprised, but since Stain Solver saved one of my white dresses that went through Hurricane Katrina nothing that it does surprises me anymore.

My kids are lucky that we have Stain Solver! They'd be in a lot more trouble if we didn't!" - Cindy