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My Many Stain Solver Uses

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"Hi Tim, just want to share my Stain Solver success story! I originally purchased Stain Solver to clean the algae off of my roof, but I didn't get to it before I ran out! I've used it on my kitchen tile, my brick hearth, and my laundry with amazing results!

I was astounded at how much dirt was coming out of my tile grout, but what was even more shocking was when the tile fully dried how bright and clean the grout was! My brick hearth had probably never been cleaned, and the soot blackened bricks came cleaner than I thought they would!

My favorite use is on our towels. After a while, they get musty and smell funny even after multiple washes and never smell *clean*. I soak all of our towels in the washing machine with a few scoops of Stain Solver and voila, no stink and fresh clean towels!

Thanks for a great product!"

Steph Clarke