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Permanent Dock Revived After 60-Years

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"Good morning,

Can't thank Stain Solver enough for your wonderful product. Our permanent dock has been in the lake since the house was built in the 1950's . Since we had to rebuild the shoreline, we couldn't leave the dock looking this bad. It had never been power washed or cleaned.

Just too expensive to replace the dock, so my daughter, her husband and I worked on the dock during 4th of July weekend. I am not saying it was a "piece-of-cake". It took several applications and scrubbing, but WOW and super WOW, just look at the difference. Looks and smells like new wood. It looks better everyday.

The minnows were in giant schools eating the algae we took off.

Thanks again,"

Judy Granik

The dock and landing before any cleaning.

The dock landing before cleaning.

During the cleaning process.

The dock after using Stain Solver

The dock restored after using Stain Solver.