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Pillow Cleaned After 30 Years

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Diana found an old pillow while cleaning out the attic.

Here is her story ...

”Found this pillow when cleaning out the attic. It was made upon the birth of my son. He is now 30. The yellow splotch on it didn't budge with soap and water.

I then tried Stain Solver - one scoop in a bowl of water, and let it soak for a couple of hours. The stain lightened but was not completely gone. I repeated the process, but let the pillow soak overnight.

As you can see the stain is barely visible now and the dingy lace is white again. Thanks for saving this memento!”

Thanks for sharing your story. Check out Diana’s photos. The stain has been removed after a lot of years in the attic.

BEFORE ... Photo Credit: Diana

AFTER ... Photo Credit: Diana

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