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Removing Fuel Oil Stains From A Deck

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"I have just finished a video of cleaning a heating oil stain off our deck with Stain Solver. I am amazed that it did so well! I had mixed up a paste to clean tile and grout and was amazed how it did.

So I decided to try and clean a stain that showed up on the deck. I am almost positive it was heating oil, so I assumed it would not come off without great effort. Stripping the deck and resealing it.

I applied the paste to the stain and with a little rubbing with an abrasive side of a sponge, it came right out and did not wreak the color of the deck, or take off the deck stain.

WOW. So I did a video. Is there a place to share it with you and your customers?

I had a problem on our deck. During the fall or winter, an ugly stain showed up on the deck. It had been cleaned and sealed in the fall and then all of a sudden there is this dark spot.

I was cleaning the bathroom tile with Stain Solver and it worked great. I had a strong solution so figured like the blender video (Will it Blend -, I would see if it would get the stain out. Will it work?

So I put some on [the deck stain], waited a little. Then used a Scotch-Brite sponge to see if the spot would come out. To my TOTAL surprise, it removed the ugly black spot and did not strip of the deck sealer. Truly a neat product.

Now we have a cleaner shower stall and a cleaner deck. Never had an easier time cleaning the tile. As a side project, it quickly removed some spots of mold that were starting since the bathroom is not vented well. I have used this product on a number stains and it has been very impressive."

David Cox

The oil stain before.

The stained area after cleaning.