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Removing Mildew From Boat Curtains

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Kae Hutchison recently purchased a used boat. The curtains in the boat had a little mold and mildew, as you can tell from the before picture.

Here is Kae's story, in her own words, as to how she cleaned the boat curtains.

"I am astonished and delighted with the cleanup job that Stain Solver accomplished with the mildewed custom-made curtains from our newly purchased used boat. Moisture had caused mildew to grow in almost all the folds of the curtains. The ends of the pullbacks were also very full of mildew. The "before picture" shows one of the four curtains - all four of them had similar mildew stains. The "after pictures" shows all four of the curtains, completely mildew free.

My process? I first soaked the curtains in my "go to" stain remover, Biz, and then laundered them, without much improvement.

A boat website recommended making a paste of Stain Solver, water and a few drops of ammonia, spreading it on the stains, and letting it sit for several hours. I first dampened the curtains and then spread the paste (which was more of a slurry) on all of the mildewed spots, then let it sit for about 5 hours.

I scraped off some of the dried-out paste to see how it had done - and most of the spots were gone. I reapplied more solution to the worst areas (I was actually able to reuse some of the crystals by scraping them into a bowl and then adding water and ammonia), and with the second application all of the mildew was gone. I washed the curtains and they look as good as new!

Thank you Stain Solver for saving my beautiful boat curtains!"

Kae Hutchison

Thank you Kae for sharing your story and photos. Check out the difference between the Before and After photos. Stain Solver can help clean up your boat mildew and mold just like it did for Kae.

Before photo of the mildewed curtains. Photo Credit: Kae Hutchison

After photo of the cleaned curtains. Photo Credit: Kae Hutchison

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