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Sailboat Rudder Cover Cleaned

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Roger H. explains how Stain Solver worked on some extremely old stains.

"I found an old cotton filter bag (at least 35 years old) sitting in a manufacturing facility. I used the material to make a rudder cover for my Sunfish sailboat. The material was stained from years of sitting unprotected in the factory. I have used the cover this way for the past 12 years. So the stain was well set in this material.

I recently decided to give Stain Solver a try to see if it could lighten the stains. As you can see from the before pictures, the handle section of the cover had a very dark, large stains area. There were also smaller stains of the blade portion of the rudder cover.

The after picture shows how well Stain Solver worked. While there is still an outline of the handle stain, it is almost completely gone after just one treatment and one washing. It looks 100% better."

Notice the large stained area on the handle cover and the smaller stains on the other portion.

After one on treatment with Stain Solver, there is only a slightly noticeable stain.