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Saved My Car's Paintjob

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Kathy C. from Pensacola, Florida, emailed us innocently asking if she could use Stain Solver to wash her car. We answered "Yes", but told her it was really a waste of money, as regular liquid dish soap works fine.

She replied quickly, and fortunately we were able to then call her. Here's her email:

"Actually, I'm wanting to use the Stain Solver because I live in Florida and we have TONS of red seed pods that fall from oak trees and stain the paint on cars.  My white Acura is a mess!  Regular washing with car wash liquid or liquid dish soap doesn't cut it one bit and one year I actually had to resort to chlorine bleach in with my soapy water! My 2000 Acura still looks like new and I want to keep it that way so you can understand why I'd rather try the Stain Solver than resort to the harshness of chlorine bleach again."


We were a little concerned because Stain Solver is such a fantastic cleaner that it absolutely can remove sun-damaged paint pigment. It's done that many a time customers have used it on houses to wash them before painting. We were worried that Kathy might ruin her car because the paint was 12 years old AND she lived in Florida where the sun, as you know, punishes anything outdoors.

During the phone call we gave her precise instructions (see below for the instructions given to Kathy) on how to test the Stain Solver so as not to ruin the car paint. The next morning she emailed us the following:

"I waited until this evening when the sun went down to give the Stain Solver a try. I've gotta tell you, I was really scared. That old Acura is my "baby" and was my 50th birthday gift from my late husband. (No tallying my age now!)

I followed the instructions you gave me -- worked like a charm! I used the remainder of Stain Solver on a green mold area on my deck and it slicked that up clean as a whistle, as well.


Time permitting, I'll do the rest of my Acura tomorrow, then on to Billy's red Infiniti, and finally Mom's little silver Suzuki -- all which were subject to the same elements and stains as my TL."

Below are the instructions for using Stain Solver on your car.

I would mix one teaspoon of Stain Solver in 16 oz - two cups - of hot water.

Stir till dissolved. Allow the solution to sit and cool a little bit before using.

Put the car in the SHADE or garage. Make sure the surface is air temp and NOT hot from the sun.

Quickly wash one part of the car where a spot is. Rinse and dry it. Do this while the solution of SS is cooling off. I want the car surface to be CLEAN before you attempt this so you can SEE the shine of the surface around the stained part of the paint.

Use a cotton swab to apply the Stain Solver solution carefully to one of the discolored areas on the roof of the car. If the paint gets damaged here, it's less visible than any other part of the car.

Apply enough solution with the cotton swab so the solution beads up on the paint, but does not run across other painted areas.

Allow the solution to sit on the paint for at least 10 minutes. At the end of the wait period, rub gently with a clean cotton cloth.

Rinse with clear water. Dry immediately with a second cotton cloth or rag and inspect the car's painted finish to see if it dulled the paint.

The odds are the paint finish is going to be fine. If you feel so, then you can apply the Stain Solver solution with a hand-pump spray bottle to all the stained areas more quickly. Follow the above steps to return the car's finish to new condition.

You can then buff the paint to make it look like it did from the factory.