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Slate Patio Cleaned With Stain Solver

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Barb's slate patio was dirty and hazardous. She needed to clean it. Here is her story ...

"Our slate patio had seen better days and become a hazard zone covered with algae and slick as ice when wet. I considered power washing, but I wasn't happy with the results last time it was done - 10+ yrs ago. After research, I decided to try Stain Solver.

It was easy to use and worked as advertised; although, the rough stone surface required more effort to scrub off the years of grime and slime. I mixed per directions and applied with hand pump garden sprayer, waited 15-20 minutes and then began scrubbing. The surface quickly became green sludge. I rinsed, spot scrubbed and rinsed again. Overall, results were amazing! Stones that were encased in algae will require a second application. I ran out before finishing, so waiting for new order to arrive.

Works best when applied to dry surface, which required a methodical approach and some waiting/drying time between applications. I also used it on our paver retaining wall and it worked great with minimal effort!"

Thank you Barb for sharing your pictures and your story about using Stain Solver to make your slate patio safe.

Before. Photo credit: Barb B.

After. Photo credit: Barb B.

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