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Slimy, Slippery Algae Covered Deck

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Terri Green let her deck cleaning go a little too long. A pressure washer didn't work, but after applying Stain Solver, well, let Terri tell her story.

"My large wood deck is covered with years worth of slimy slippery green and black algae. It hasn't been maintained for a long time. The before picture does not do it justice!

I tried pressure washing but it did not come off. I sprayed Stain Solver as directed and let it sit for 15 minutes. The pressure washer easily took it off. I may have to do a second treatment in the very worst places.

I know I shouldn't pressure wash wood, but the algae was too thick so a brush was not effective. If your algae isn't so bad a brush would work. More deck to do then moving on to canvas awing! It also destroyed the thick moss on concrete so I could pressure wash that off!

I love this product and recommend it!"


Below are Terri's pictures. Thanks for sharing. Let us know how Stain Solver works on that canvas awing.



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