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Stain Solver Cleans Eastern Red Cedar

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Raymond Cumberland wrote to us:

"I have some weathered Eastern Red Cedar posts that I would like to clean. These posts are on the porch of the house and I would like to use a water seal to help preserve the natural color. Will the Stain Solver be suitable for this and what kind of water seal would be compatible?"

Raymond, Stain Solver will make the cedar posts look like new. After cleaning them, you may have some peach fuzz of sun-damage cedar wood fibers. If so, once the wood is dry, you can sand those off.

Mix 8 ounces - one cup - of Stain Solver per gallon of hot tap water. Stir until the powder is completely dissolved. Pour this solution in a garden hand-pump sprayer and apply to the cedar liberally. Keep the cedar wet with the solution for at least 15 minutes.

After the wait period, making sure you liberally saturate the cedar and the solution never evaporates, then scrub the wood with a traditional scrub brush and rinse with clear water.

The dark-grained summer wood in cedar is very hard. Cedar also contains natural chemicals that can interfere with the adhesion of sealers and stains. This makes staining or sealing cedar a challenge. Most sealers will peel. Look for a sealer that's been formulated to adhere to cedar.

Tim Carter

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