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Stain Solver Worked on Entry Hall Grout

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"Dear Stain Solver,

My before and after photos show cream-coloured grout in the front entry of my home.

Stain Solver works as advertised and is amazing. Before I found Stain Solver, I tried several different products for this tough grout job: Aqua Mix Grout Deep Clean (label indicates it restores original grout colour), Surf Pro Tile and Grout Buster II, liquid oxygen bleach, Oxyclean, and 2 DIY methods using vinegar and baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. ONLY Stain Solver got the grout back to the original colour.

I am in Canada and I wasn't sure the shipping fees would be worth it, but I decided to take a chance and I am so glad that I did. I have saved so many stained household items that my purchase has more than paid for itself: table cloths, heirloom pillow cases (yellowed), kitchen towels and cloths.

I LOVE Stain Solver and I am so happy that it ships to Canada.

Jennifer Busch
Ontario Canada

Below are Jennifer's before and after pictures of her entry hall tile floor. Thanks for the story, Jennifer.