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Stained Stain Wedding Dress

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Katherine used Stain Solver on her carpet to spot clean them. The Stain Solver did such a good job on the spots, she was wondering how to make them blend in so they don't stand out!

Katherine sent in some pictures of her wedding dress. As she put it ...

"By the way, we've used your product on numerous clothing items and it's super.

The most IMPRESSIVE ... I used it on a rust stain on my satin Wedding Dress and it came right out! The dress & stain were 11-years-old and had been stored in a plastic clothes bag.

Thanks for the help."

Stain Solver did a great job on removing her stain. Check out her photos below.

STAINED DRESS - Photo Credit: Katherine Wright

CLEANED DRESS - Photo Credit: Katherine Wright

CLEANED DRESS CLOSEUP - Photo Credit: Katherine Wright

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