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Sweat Stains Solved

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Sara submitted pictures of her white tank top. It was in need of some tender loving care.

Here is how Sara described it.

"White tank top with set-in sweat stains and/or anti-perspiration stains at underarm, somewhat dingy allover, and round set-in spot stain on front caused by who knows what (pretty sure it was a food stain).

Soaked top for 6 hours in solution of 10 scoops Stain Solver mixed with 2 1/2 gallons hot water in 5 gallon bucket. Stirred solution about every 30 minutes. (Had other items soaking, too, but this top was one of worst.)

After the 6 hours, washed as usual in washing machine. For this top, it was definitely whiter than before, and the underarm stains were totally gone. Spot stain on front was faded, but still noticeable, so soaked the top in a fresh solution, same as above. Rinsed and dried. Spot stain is mostly gone, but not completely. Still satisfied since I feel like this top is wearable "around the house" again."

Thanks for sharing your story and pictures. Check out her before and after photos below.

BEFORE - Photo by Sara

AFTER - Photo by Sara

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