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Swing Set Need Cleaning

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Philip had a backyard wooden playset that needed some cleaning. In his words ...

When we bought our house, it came with a great outdoor playset which was perfect for our then 2 year old ... except it hadn't seen any love in probably 10 years.

In looking for a kid safe (and environmentally safe) cleaner, we came across Stain Solver. I had borrowed a pressure washer but didn't even need it! With hot water and the proper amount of Stain Solver, the gray mildew stains on the wood literally melted away. We were shocked it actually looked like wood underneath!

The pictures show the before and after with the cleaned wood and we hadn't even stained it yet!

It was so effortless, the Stain Solver did most of the work, just a little elbow grease with a deck brush and rinse off at the recommended time.

Thanks, Philip, for sharing your pictures of the swing set. It looks great. Your child will get many more years of use out of it.

BEFORE - Photo Credit: Philip Lee

AFTERE - Photo Credit: Philip Lee

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