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Teak Picnic Table

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John had a teak picnic table in need of some cleaning before it was ready for the season. John describes how he used Stain Solver to clean the table.

Here is his story ...

”It has been under an oak tree for 9 years and was getting quite bad, with dirt and growth on it.

I soaked the table first to get it wet. I mixed 2 scoops in a gallon of hot water and dissolved for a few minutes.

I poured it into a hand pump sprayer, and then sprayed it generously onto the table and let soak for 10 minutes.

It was quite bubbly as it reacted with the dirt and growth.

I then sprayed it off with my pressure washer.

It now looks like new!

I am ordering another 18LB bucket! I use it on laundry, washing outdoor furniture, bathroom shower, kitchen sink and more.”

Check out John's Before and After pictures below.

BEFORE - Photo credit: John C.

AFTER - Photo credit: John C.

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