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Washing Machine Odor Gone

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Silvio Poggi provided this email on how the smell in their washing machine was eliminated using Stain Solver.

"Dear Mr. Carter,

Thought I might share a use for Stain Solver that we stumbled upon. Please forgive me if this is already a recognized application.

A few years ago, we purchased a high efficiency front loading washing machine. Several months into the use of the machine, we started noticing a rather pungent odor that seemed to be emanating from the front loading area. A little research on the internet revealed that this was a known problem with some front loaders and was caused by soap residue and mold building up between the tub and the machine chassis as well as possible problems with material (lint, hair, etc.) build up in the drainage filter. We tried several products that are advertised as a solution for this problem with no real satisfaction.

One night during cocktail hour, I had the idea to try a dose of Stain Solver in the machine. I put about one-half to three-quarters of a cup of stain solver directly into the wash tub, filled it with warm to hot water and agitated for a single cycle and let the machine begin to drain (allowing some of the Stain Solver to enter the drainage filter) at which time I shut the machine off and let it sit over night.

The next morning, I finished the cycle and the odor was gone. We have been odor free for about a month now. When it inevitably returns, I will most likely adjust this process a bit and am considering adding the Stain Solver directly to the powdered soap dispenser just to see if it might be even more effective. In any case, we thought this might be worthwhile to pass on to you and your customers.

Silvio Poggi