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Water Stained Knotty Pine Wood

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Steve Goodman send us pictures of his water stained knotty pine walls. But he got the cleaned. Read his story below.

"Hi Tim,

Long-time customer of Stain Solver. My wife's friends call me the Stain Guy, because there are no stains I have not been able to remove using your product.

Now a new use ... I have a knotty pine room with some water damage (see photos). I found a service that purported to do a sand-less repair, I though that would be great. Sent the same photos, he stated he didn't know if his chemical wood bleach would help.

Then it dawned on me, I have some "bleach" (Stain Solver) and nothing to lose. I mixed up a batch and grabbed a microfiber cloth, sprayed on the mixture and scrubbed with the cloth. The results are pretty spectacular! Had to do the darker spots a few times, but it works just fine for my taste. Have not finished, but wanted to show you the initial results.

Thank you so much for a great product."

Steve Goodman

GREAT before and after photos. Thanks for sharing your results, Mr. Stain Guy.





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