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Yellowed Quilt Restored

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Sally had a old quilt that had turned colors. Well, in her words ...

"An old and dearly loved cotton quilt that had one side in light blues patchwork and the opposite side in white. Body oils had turned the corners yellowish brown and nothing would clean it.

We talked at length about getting rid of the old quilt but you get used to your bed linens and we wanted to keep it if possible. The local cleaner gave it their best shot twice but it didn't improve.

We washed the quilt in hot water with detergent and after the rinse cycle while it was still wet we poured two gallons of the "Stain Solver" solution over it using water we super heated on the range and let it set for 3 hours. Finished with a second wash and rinse cycle using only clean water and it dried to the snow white you see.

I really did not expect the quilt would ever be clean again ... wow ... thank you."