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You Saved My Daughter's $500 Riding Jacket

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"Last week I hand washed a jacket made for my daughter when she shows her horse.  It's very fancy with lots of crystals and red sparkly leather appliques so I carefully followed the seamstress's instructions on how to wash it.  I was horrified to see the red appliques were bleeding like crazy onto the white fabric!  It was ruined and had cost more than $500!!  I started searching the internet for solutions. I did see some recommendations to try using Oxy-Clean.  That's when I remembered I had something WAY better!  I found my last jar of Stain Solver. It had a few small clumps on top but it still seemed to work GREAT!  I used VERY hot water, added the Stain Solver, and scrubbed with a toothbrush.  It was amazing. Thank you!!!!!  I'll be placing another order soon." - Michell

Before cleaning

After cleaning