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The following are Customer Reviews I have received from satisfied users of Stain Solver. These are unedited comments from people just like you.

Click for larger images."Well,  holy cow.  We received the Stain Solver and used it on our back porch.  I had used chlorine bleach on it; used a pressure washer; and fussed a whole bunch; all to no avail.  Were we surprised when we applied the Stain Solver and the magic began.  I have enclosed pictures for you to see what a great job it did.  It's tough sometimes to keep things clean here at the Ocean but this Stain Solver is a prayer answered.  The other picture is the reason I tried your product since it was friendly to living things.  Thank you so much!!"
- Garnet & Laura, Dagsboro, DE

"Tim, we ordered some Stain Solver last week to use on roof algae.  I have been looking at it over 2 years wondering how to get rid of it, and came across your product when searching the Internet.  Today I got up there and worked over 3 large areas using your product, a small sprayer and a deck brush with long handle following the directions provided.  About 1-1/2 hours later my roof looked great.  Your product was awesome and did just what I was hoping for.  100% satisfaction.  Thanks so much!"  
- Steve G., Bartlesville, OK

Ginny E. of Bakersfield, CA, called to tell me that she works with antique and vintage linens from Germany. She says it is really hard to remove mildew stains from these items. She had an embroidered tablecloth that got wet and mildewed. She put it in our solution and let it sit for a couple of days. Then she rinsed and washed more mildew stains and no bleaching of the embroidery!

"You are a genius! I used the StainSolver over the week-end and my deck looks amazing. My Mom, Sister, and I  moved in to our home about 4 years ago and nothing had every been done to the deck. My sister and I are in our 60s and didn't feel comfortable about doing the deck ourselves, so we looked for someone to power wash it. One guy came back with an estimate of $800. We were in shock. So our only other choice was to rent a power washer and do it ourselves. But first I went online and Googled "deck cleaning." I saw your Web site and immediately clicked on it. That was the best thing I could have done. We couldn't be more pleased with the results. Since our deck was very dirty, we will do another cleaning in the fall and then seal it. But the difference just one cleaning made, is more than we could ask for. My sister and I did the deck in only about 2 hours. And believe me, we didn't even have to scrub very hard. Thank you for making our life a lot easier and our deck a lot cleaner. I will be ordering more for the fall cleaning.
- Patricia B.

"Oh my gosh - I am amazed.  I have tried cleaning my tile floors and grout with a electric scrubber and steam mop and nothing has worked like this Stain Solver.  I AM VERY IMPRESSED and I have told all of my friends. Non toxic - no smell or no irritation on your skin."
- Meloni M., St. Petersburg, FL

"I cannot believe how wonderful my tile floors look after using Stain Solver. I actuallyClick for larger image have only cleaned one part because I wanted to see the before and after. It is amazing. I was VERY skeptical that your product could be as good as advertised. My dad told me I was wasting my money (I just emailed him several pictures to show him the difference!). Your product arrived only 3 ½ days after ordering. I am so impressed. Thanks for an outstanding product."
- Sue W., Wesley Chapel, FL
Photo Credit: Sue W.

"I purchased the 50 lb. tub of Stain Solver.  This is my favorite product.  I have two children 19 months and 3 months.  Nothing is worse than buying clothes for them and seeing a stain or the colors fade.  I have used this and not had a problem.  I even used it on an old Jersey that was white but had yellowed in the closet.  It did not harm the logo on the front.  I can't tell you all the place it has been used in my house."
- Mark S.

"Not a question, but a big thank you for your Stain Solver product. I have tried many products to clean the grout and tiles, but have never seen a product work as well as yours. The grout and tiles look brand new. My neighbors and friends were so impressed they ordered your product too.  Once again, my sincere thanks."
- Ruth C.

"I received my order Thursday afternoon.  My kitchen tile floor is disgusting.  We have light/medium brown grout in between, but this had gotten super dark brown and I couldn't stand it anymore.  Some areas that didn't have heavy traffic, still had the original color that it is suppose to be.  The heavily traffic areas were awful.  I was going to hire someone to come out and steam clean it, although I didn't know if that would work.  I just refused to scrub that floor.  I would have an awful backache.  I told my husband, I'm done cleaning this floor.  No more.  I used the product, took extra powder and water just to get the first grout layer clean.  I flooded my kitchen with the solution.  Let it sit as long as I could (1 hour) and then proceeded to mop up the mess I made.  We had company coming in Saturday.  The floor looks 98.9 percent better.  I plan on re-doing the whole floor one more time.  Like I said, it had gotten real bad.  Now every time I mop my floors, I will use this solution to clean with.

Thank you again." - June H.

"I did receive my order and have it used it for several applications; carpet, bathroom tile & grout, and clothes and was truly AMAZED!!  I read the testimonials and was pleasantly surprised to find them all TRUE pertaining to the applications I used.  I have recommended to my sister and other family members.  Thanks for a great product." 
- Cathy C.

"Tim, it took a week and a couple of applications in places, but I am truly impressed with your product.  After all the years of dirty grout, I can't believe how good it looks.  Thanks so much for your interest in my problem and your help.  A couple of questions.  You mentioned in a previous post to add some Stain Solver to the regular mop water for maintenance cleaning.  Would it have to dwell on the floor for awhile in order to be effective or can it just be mopped as usual and still achieve clean grout?  Also, would it have to be rinsed?  Thanks."
- Sue R., Cypress, TX
[Editor Note: Sue, you need to let it dwell - maybe 15 minutes - then rinse mop.]

"I recently used some Stain Solver on some carpet spots, that had not come out for about 8 years. Even professional carpet cleaners could not get the stains out. The carpet is a white pile, and had several old dog urine spots from the previous owner. I used Stain Solver as directed, and sure enough it got rid of the stains.  I was impressed."
- Glenn Haring, OK

"Thanks for the discount for your product. Your lightning quick response to my question and the fact that you would make a recommendation to me even though it did not involve your "stuff" spoke volumes as to your ethics. Even though my floor is already clean, I wanted to try the product on some other problem projects, in large part because of your actions in this instance. So, I placed an order tonight. I'm sure I'll be one of your loyal customers like the ones who have given testimonials on your website.

Thanks again."

- Kay, Spring, TX


Your Stain Solver is the best product out there for cleaning grout!  Thank you for making it so easy to clean my bathroom floors, they look like new.

I have shared some of my product with some friends and they will be placing an order soon."

- Catherine R., Lexington, KY


Once again thank you for taking the time to address my concerns.

I followed your instruction on a small portion of the floor and left the solution sit for about an hour now - I can actually SEE it working. I'm running to the store in a few minutes and expect when I get back that the grout will be totally clean - the way it's worked so far I don't have much doubt that will happen. "Oh ye of little faith"!!

What a JOY it is dealing with a "vendor" who cares about his customers. I've had nothing but nightmares recently with Sears - therefore your response is even MORE meaningful!"

- Barbara, Miami, FL

"The customer service is incredible! I emailed a question Thursday evening and Tim responded at 6:30am on Friday. He responded promptly to a follow-on question I had as well. That is almost unheard of in this day and age and greatly appreciated. Please post for others to see.
Kind regards,"
- Judy Groves

Dan Whitcomb Photo"Hello,

I love your product. I have a lot of grout and came up with this time saving technique. Drill hole in the lid of powdered cleaner. Pour just in the grout area of the tiles. Use a $10.00 pump sprayer from Lowe's to dampen the Stain Solver cleaner in the grooves with tap water. I reapply water for 2 to 3 hours. Then I Dan Whitcomb Photouse a Bissell steamer carpet cleaner to sweep up the left over powder and give the grout a good rinsing. Works like a miracle and keeps me off my knees. Can you recommend a grout sealer, tile polish?

I included photos of the powder on grout before I wet it.

Thanks again,"

- Dan Whitcomb
Photo Credit: Dan Whitcomb

"I purchased six pounds of your Stain Solver almost a month ago. I cannot believe how great this stuff works. (I will eventually send you some pictures once my daughter shows me how!)

I did my mom's deck first, it has been much neglected and had a lot of mildew/algae built up on it. She is 77 and I was worried she may slip and fall on it because it was quite slimy when wet. I showed up with my rag mop, bucket, long handled scrub brush and the piece of resistance (imagine a French accent) - Stain Solver. Both my mom and my sister gave me a look like why are you wasting your time, why didn't you bring the pressure washer? I told them to just go about their business because I did not need any help and that they would both be surprised to see the results. They did not act to enthused until they, like me, saw the first few boards. After I had let [the Stain Solver] sit for 10 minutes, it was like brand new wood.

I could smell the mildew/algae as I scrubbed with my brush, it just like melted off the wood. I told my sister to come up and see the results in just the little area I had scrubbed. She was amazed. She stayed right up on the deck and was like - "What can I do to help?" I couldn't keep her away from my bucket of Stain Solver. She was like "Do you think this would work on the grease stains on the garage floor? Could I use it on this or that…..?"

Both my mom and sister were so happy that it didn't hurt her plants around the deck. I'm bummed because I used almost all of it on their deck and now I won't have enough to do mine. I also wanted to tell you what else I used it on, my bird bath. It was very nasty and slimy. I sprinkled a little in and filled it with water and let it sit for maybe 20 to 30 minutes. I scrubbed a little with a brush and rinsed it very well. It looks brand new!

Well the main reason I am writing is I need to order ... the 12 pounds and use my coupon. ... Thank you."

- Pam P., Traverse City, MI

"We used your Stain Solver on the deck of our summer home in New Jersey with amazing results. The photo clearly shows the striking difference between the mildew-covered decking and the clean wood to the right. We loved your advice about using a garden hose instead of a pressure washer."
- Gail Marinari, Collegeville, PA

"WOW, that's all I can say! I purchased your product last week to clean the grout on my 800 sq. ft. of tile, and it looks as clean as the day we moved in eight years ago. I must admit, I was a little skeptical when I ordered the Stain Solver, but after having used it, I know I will always have some on hand and look forward to cleaning my wood deck this spring. This is by far one of the best products I have purchased in many, many years. Thanks Tim!"
- Ed, Macomb, Michigan

"I've got to tell you that my tile floor looks great. I followed the instructions, poured it into the grout and walked away for a couple of hours. Then I just used a nylon brush and loosened the dirt. Then I washed the floor after completing the process and it looks terrific.

I will be buying more and have already told my friends about it!

Great stuff! Thanks!"
- Sue Darte, Houston, TX

"When we decided to attempt cleaning the cedar shakes on our house, we started with a bleach/water solution. Didn't work well enough. An Internet search brought us to the Stain Solver site. I can't say enough about this product. Within minutes after applying it, the years of dirt and black discoloration just started ROLLING down. Amazing! Cleaning Cedar Siding I have attached a photo of the corner of the house, showing the treated and untreated sides."
- Donna Ormandy, Palenville, NY

"I bought Stain Solver for the grout on my bathroom floors. Wow! I have tried numerous products to clean the everyday dirt, but nothing brought my grout back to it's original white color. Stain Solver did the job, and I was amazed. Thanks! Place your right hand on your left shoulder, and your left hand on your right shoulder...squeeze. There, you've have just had a hug from utvandymom! Have a great day!"
- Margaret from Tennessee


Thanks so much ... appreciate your help in getting it out quickly! You have a wonderful product ... I just love it, and I keep finding I love it for more and more jobs. I think my consumption will only go up! The referrals will continue! Have a good weekend!"
- Sue Daniels, Reston, VA

"Wow, what can I say! I called my mom about borrowing one of her flags. She said she had just washed them because they were yellow - a drab, dark tan actually even after being washed with Wisk. I took her a lid full of Stain Solver and had her soak both of them overnight. When she pulled them out, wow were we both amazed! They were white, I mean BRIGHT white and the colors were bright too! Now Old Glory looks new! Thanks Tim for a great product!"
- Tom Phillips, University of Toledo

"I have saved several articles of clothing with Stain Solver. I never panic anymore when I get a spill on something. I know Stain Solver will probably take care of it. Kind of like having powdered "peace of mind." At this moment, I have my filthy winter coat soaking in it. I'm sure it will come out clean. It will be time to order more in the near future. "
- Laura E.

"I used your Stain Solver on our deck and deck furniture and it works great! Hard to believe how dirty our deck had gotten. It's nice to find a product like this that you can use without fearing that you're going to kill and destroy everything around you and wind up in the hospital because you erred. I still have a can of old deck cleaner in the garage that I was too frightened to use after reading the warning label."
- Amy Kellog

"I'm extremely happy with the Stain Solver oxygen bleach I purchased several weeks ago. It is wonderful. Thank You."
- Elizabeth H., Shorewoods, IL

"Thanks for the great product. Will be using this additional 12 lbs. of Stain Solver to clean several decks of friends and family that were impressed by how well it had worked on my deck."
- Michael C., Saline, MI

"I need more of your Stain Solver! I have two boys 2 1/2 and 7 months. I'm expecting again in just a couple months. I need my boys to stay stain free so I can use them again."
- Dawn K., Delphi, IN

"This has been my 3rd year to use this product to clean my deck in preparation for staining. It is excellent and I really like not having to worry about my plants around the deck. "
- Nicky C., LaGrange, KY

"I LOVE this Stuff! I got white latex paint out of a dark colored sweatshirt! Thank you!"
- Caroline P., Ypsilanti, MI

"It's so refreshing to find a product that does what it will say it will do! Thanks!"
- A Happy Hubby in Arizona

"I'd like to re-order some Stain Solver. I have nothing but rave reviews from myself and the other people who are using it. Again, thanks for a great product. It is working out well for us!"
- Carol

"Dear Tim....I would also like to tell you that I recently purchased your Stain Solver and I am now a 'Big Fan' of your 'Stuff'. It works great!!"
- Adrienne M., Detroit, MI

"Dear Mr. Carter,

......I also want to tell you that I had a pair of lovely delicate lace curtains that were given to me. However, they were really gray from hanging in this lady's window.

I ordered some of your Stain Solver. It really worked wonderfully. The curtains are almost like new. They are not white-white, but they are white, and after all they hung on my friends window 5 or 6 years.

You will probably have more orders from me, as I have been giving out tiny samples to my lady friends."
- Jean D.

"Hi, Tim,

I received the Stain Solver, as promised, and set it aside until after the holidays, thinking I would wait to tackle the grout job until all of the confusion was over. However, it was put to use unexpectedly last night.

We had just finished a large family dinner, complete with prime rib and red wine, when my husband bumped a side table with an open bottle of red wine on it, spilling it all over our off-white dining room carpet, as well as on the tile and white grout of an adjoining entryway. We did the soda water trick on the carpet, then switched to a standard carpet spotter, which was a big mistake. The stain turned dark and ugly and refused to budge. I thought about it well into the night, and remembered you saying that the Stain Solver was good for carpet stains as well.

So, this morning, I dug the container of stain solver out of the garage and mixed it according to the directions for carpet spotter. The red wine stain disappeared in less than 20 minutes, except for the area where I had used the conventional carpet cleaner. At this time, I am still working on that spot and it is all but gone. The tile and grout were also cleansed of the red wine stain with just 1 application. The Stain Solver has paid for itself already, and I haven't even started to use it for the purpose I bought it for!

I know this story has to sound corny, but it really is true, and I am thankful to you for suggesting I give it a try. Thank you!"
- Tani L., Arizona


Without a doubt your 'Stuff' works like a miracle! I've now used it on my carpets, upholstery, laundry, and the interior of both my car and son's truck.

I spilled beet juice on my velour seat in my new car and your Stain Solver removed every bit of the stain.

My son works in construction so you can imagine the stains and soil spots he had on his truck seats. After just one application of your 'Stuff', they look like new!

I can't imagine not having a container of 'Stuff' plus an extra on hands at all times. It's my answer to any cleaning problem in or out of the house.

Thanks for a perfect product!"
- Marlene B., Cincinnati, OH

"Hi Tim,

Here are a few of the ways I've used the Stain Solver so far.

I mixed up a mixing bowl full of solution to soak my bicycling gloves. They get sweaty and dirty throughout the cycling season but I didn't know how bad they were until I soaked them for a few hours. The water was filthy! I rinsed them out really well and dried them in the sun. They washable suede and cotton parts came out great.

I have two hot pads I use daily. Someone used them while barbecuing and they had gotten so stained they wouldn't come clean in the wash even with bleach. I soaked them in the Stain Solver solution and they came almost completely clean again.

I had some leftover solution mixed up so I dipped a scrubby sponge into it and scrubbed out my bathtub. I usually have to use cleanser to get all the soap scum but this stuff worked better and more quickly.

Water seeped into the basement during a particularly heavy rainfall and several throw rugs got soaked. After drying them out, they looked dirty and didn't smell fresh so I added the Stain Solver to the wash and let them soak in it. I followed that with a regular wash with detergent and the rugs came out clean and fresh.

Stain Solver has become the first thing I turn to when faced with a cleaning chore. I think it's great."
- Julie D.

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