Add to Cart at Stain Solver

Are you having trouble with the Stain Solver shopping cart? You’ve been trying to add and nothing happens?

First and foremost we’re sorry for any hassle.

The shopping cart is hosted by one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world and it has a 99.998% reliability factor.

This means the cart is working almost all the time and that the issue is most likely at your end or somewhere in the pipeline between you and the cart.

Try these things in the following order if you’re having trouble adding a product to the shopping cart:

  • Switch to another browser
  • Turn off your computer for five minutes or restart your phone after a one-minute rest – the RAM memory could be borked or confused
  • Clear your cookies
  • Call us on the phone to place your order – 513-407-8727

If we don’t answer, leave your contact information and we’ll call you back.