Have you ever wondered how to clean an antique quilt or other heirloom fabric?

You get ONE CHANCE to get it right.

Read the suspense-filled story about Diana’s challenge with this one-of-a-kind quilt:
Zwerner Quilt Full View

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The ODD Sale – About to END

I reached out to you last Friday about the good news. Stain Solver was FINALLY back in stock.

After being out-of-stock for almost ten weeks, I knew that there would be a buying frenzy.

I was right.

So many responded there’s a chance we’re soon going to run out of your FAVORITE SIZE.

Never before in the history of Stain Solver did we sell SO MANY 50-pound buckets in SUCH A SHORT TIME.

Holy tomato!

Remember, the MORE you buy, the MORE you save. The sale will end on Sunday and the prices will be RAISED.

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Tim Carter
Co-Founder – Stain Solver